12 years ago we had a vision; to serve restaurant standard food in a grab and go format from pop up marquees to an unsuspecting high street customer. Our humble market trading business delivered fast, quality food in town centers across the West Midlands and we found ourselves paving the way for the street food revolution.

We are professional caterers with many years experience specializing in high quality restaurant standard street food trading at special events, local weekly markets, Christmas markets, carnivals, festivals, family fun days and many other large local authority events. 

We also provide a service hiring to private customers hosting an event or get together. We only use quality produce freshly prepared by our local business suppliers and have a strict full circle environmental policy. 

Feast Streat was founded to raise the standard of food served at markets and events with a passion for food and service, and always environmentally aware we are committed to continually improving and evolving the street food experience supporting local farmers and businesses along the way..

Please check out our other pages for more information on the food and drink concessions we supply.


With over 12 years experience under our belt we have worked with many event organisers managing their entire catering operations on their behalf. Taking on the stress and liability by managing bookings, safety, compliance and quality whilst maximising revenues for the organiser.   At larger events where there is a need for a more extensive range of foods on offer we invite other trusted traders to trade at your events. 


We really care about our planet and have worked with local environmental advisors to reduce our carbon footprint by using the following systems:   

- Full circle recycling and composting process.

- All disposables are made from fully biodegradable plant extract materials which will be composted together

with food waste for our suppliers to use back on the land.

-  The use of Inglorious fruit and vegetables wherever possible.

-  Less emissions from local supplier only deliveries.  

-  We only use low energy LED lighting 

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