The Handmade Burger Company provides quality hand pressed tasty beef patties on fresh bread with your choice of salad and sauces, and all from our cleverly designed, hand pushed carts. 

Fresh burgers and speciality sausages are prepared, cooked and served all day and at any location due to the petite measurements of these rather good looking Victorian hawker inspired hand carts. 

Self contained and mobile at every moment they are super convenient. And the icing on the cake is, for those event organisers short on space who want to maximise the types of food available, this offers exactly that. 

We can supply any of our concessions to any event and all of them compliment each other so mixing it up is never an issue. Take your pick of any combination of food and drink concessions and expect an outstanding service from staff and management. 

Why not choose our food court option providing your event with a range of food and drink concessions, picnic benches, bunting and flags. 

We are in the business of making your life easy and packed with flavour. Please contact us if you would like to know more about hiring The Handmade Burger Company and any of our other concessions for your event.

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To book our Handmade Burger Company unit or any of our food and drink concessions fill out the form below

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