Named after the deep south American pit bbq’s, Pit Stop applies a more commercial modern method using a digital smoker oven, cooking all our meats with hickory smoke low and slow at 130 degrees over 15 hours.

All pork buts are cooked with the bone in and when they are removed from the wood smokey oven onsite at events, customers get the wow factor as our chefs pull the shoulder bones out leaving just the tender meat falling away full of flavour.

All our meats are served with several sauces and toppings and either served in fresh brioche rolls or over crispy skin on fries.

As with all our concessions, we only serve our meals in fully biodegradable food boxes with wooden cutlery and biodegradable serviettes.

We can supply any of our concessions to any event and all of them compliment each other so mixing it up is never an issue. Take your pick of any combination of food and drink concessions and expect an outstanding service from staff and management. 

Why not choose our food court option providing your event with a range of food and drink concessions, picnic benches, bunting and flags. 

We are in the business of making your life easy and packed with flavour. Please contact us if you would like to know more about hiring Feast Streat and any of our other concessions for your event.


To book our Pit Stop Pork & Ribs unit or any of our food and drink concessions fill out the form below


With over 12 years experience under our belt we have worked with many event organisers managing their entire catering operations on their behalf. Taking on the stress and liability by managing bookings, safety, compliance and quality whilst maximising revenues for the organiser.   At larger events where there is a need for a more extensive range of foods on offer we invite other trusted traders to trade at your events. 


We really care about our planet and have worked with local environmental advisors to reduce our carbon footprint by using the following systems:   

- Full circle recycling and composting process.

- All disposables are made from fully biodegradable plant extract materials which will be composted together

with food waste for our suppliers to use back on the land.

-  The use of Inglorious fruit and vegetables wherever possible.

-  Less emissions from local supplier only deliveries.  

-  We only use low energy LED lighting